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About four months ago I moved house. While updating my details on the net I noticed that my bank allowed for three lines for my address, two of which you don't use for residential.

So I decided to have a little fun. I had already checked out my new place and noticed that my new room had old-school wall paper. In the light on the day it looked green, but later I found it to be gold and beige. However, I changed my address to the green room of felt and forgot about it. two weeks later while moving in, there was already mail for me. It came through, and I so began my bizarre new hobby.

Then decided to push the envelope a little.

If you would like to add your official fudges, email me at

I've just been told by a friend that they know the team leader at Australia Post who was presented with the big fuck off house statement and had to decide whether or not to deliver it. Because the naughty word wasn't directed towards someone as an insult, it didn't contravene the surface mail laws and was sent my way.

Thanks to Aaron - at least it isn't anthrax :) - from Detroit and Sarah from Brisbane for the post cards. Sorry to all the people I was pinching bandwidth from at the start. I didn't realise the site would get so many hits.

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